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June 2, 2010

iPod Touch review

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The iPod touch can do many things. It is like a mini computer in your pocket. You can visit websites if you are wifi-enabled, you can down Apps (Applications) to help you with school such as: Math flashcards and 50 states. You can also download apps for your entertainment such as Angry Birds, a game in which you fling Birds at towers to knock them over. You can keep in touch with friends and family through E-mail on the iPod Touch.

The cost of the iPod Touch varies with how many GB you want your iPod Touch to have. 8GB is $199.00, while 64GB is $399.00

Some people have a negative view on the iPod Touch. They say that it has poor sound quality and it is hard to manage music using the iPod Touch. Others say that they are please that it is wifi-enabled and has a sleek design.


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